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Passive Fire Protection

If you are an owner, or a business or a person, that is occupying, or managing a building in Queensland, you have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of any person in that building in the event of a fire or other emergency.

C&F Construction Group are certified specialists in passive fire protection and are available to ensure you minimise the risk and threat of fire and reduce the spread of fire or smoke between compartments and to enable safe egress from a building or structure.

C&F Construction Group certify, install and maintain, inspect and test fire protection systems to buildings including Fire Doors and Shutters, Fire Collars, Fire rated Penetrations and Joint Sealing, Fire and Smoke Walls and Ceilings.

C&F Construction are licenced to:

  • Inspect – Visually examine all components of the fire protection systems or equipment to establish correct settings, physical condition or fitness for purpose, and to test, after inspecting, by the confirmation of correct function or performance of a component or system.
  • Install – Fit a new fire protection system in position ready for use or restore or alter a fire protection system and provide an installer’s statement in relation to the work
  • Maintain - Inspect and test a fire protection system including carrying out preventative maintenance and any other fire safety measures to ensure continued operation at their original performance levels and in accordance with any relevant Australian Standards. This also includes repairing and replacing defective components to keep a fire protection system compliant.
  • Certify - Give advice by way of a report and certificate of compliance stating that a fire protection system complies with Australian and international standards, Building Code of Australia requirements and manufacturer's specifications after conducting a survey of the system.

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